Viva Las Vegas Eyelash Extensions
The majority of females understand what a huge difference great eyelashes make so eyelash extensions continue to gain popularity. Five years ago, it seemed an exotic notion and today lashes are the hottest beauty treatment in Nevada. Every spa and salon is trying to get about the eyelash bandwagon.

Eyelash Extensions

Initially, there were only plastic synthetic extensions but today there are plenty of choices. There are blended fiber synthetic, silk, real hair, tapered, mink as well as glitter extensions. Extensions can be found in all sorts of curl from natural to dramatic mega curls. You will find short lengths to lengths that include the eyebrows. You can even find colored eyelashes! Every need and client is now able to accommodated with all the lots of of choices. Any stylish look is possible with all the latest lashes.
Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension quality and variety went up but prices go down. In Vegas, real mink eyelash extensions were $400-$800 in most salons/spas 5 years ago. Today, the highest quality mink lashes are half that. Synthetic extensions are saved to average $150-$250 now. Affordable as lovely lashes are today, there is certainly every reason to plan a lavish lashing immediately!


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